Greg Sommerhof

Greg Sommerhof - Builder's Story

Greg Sommerhof

According to Greg Sommerhof in order to build your dream home, we embrace the challenge of designing a home that’s perfect for you and your family. Deciding to build a custom home comes with hundreds of decisions. I appreciate and understand the emotion, stress, anxiety and excitement that families invest when building a custom home. From budgets to design, from breaking ground to nailing on the house numbers, the entire custom home building experience is a satisfying reward. And, through it all, I relish the life long bonds I develop.

builders_story_imageWe pair our custom designs with extremely talented craftsmen to create your dream home. It’s our job to work with you, creating a design that works with your budget and your lifestyle. We are committed to completing a beautiful, quality home that meets your expectations. And, we’ll do it on time and on budget.

When Greg Sommerhof started his business, he had a simple motto that still works today – "Manage to perfection and make absolutely everyone happy!"

Greg also says "it's a steadfast, simple system to assure quality, accuracy and perfection. You have trusted me to fulfill your dreams. It’s my job to be your hands-on advocate. We set incredibly high expectations of our crews and anyone involved in building your home. I promise you will get all that you expected, and then some. It’s the foundation of my business and the basis of my success."

"My carpenter roots run deep. I believe in building homes, not houses. I strive to make your experience fun, exciting and full of anticipation. I look forward to evening walks with you as we wander your new home. I’ll listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We’ll stand on your “porch”, breath in the smell of fresh sawdust and we’ll both anticipate the beautiful home to come."

"We want to build a few magnificent homes for a few amazing families."

"Expect, inspect, and manage to perfection every day, every minute." It’s my gift to you.

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